About us

About Us

DEKA is company dealing across the textile value chain - fibre/ yarns/ fabrics and garments. Based out of Singapore it has offices in INDIA/ BRAZIL/MEXICO and CHINA.


We are a lifestyle company providing solutions to the customers in textile domain across the globe. Whether be logistics or finance or competitive sourcing / right quality at right price , you name it , We are present there.


Relationships with our customers and suppliers are cornerstone of DEKA'S business,,.We strongly believe in doing business based on long term business association as we feel in current environment that is the only way to move forward.


To be the trusted and preferred single platform partner for our customers and suppliers for their current and future needs across the textile supply chain.


To achieve our goal, get the pulse of the business of our customers and suppliers. Then have solutions catered to their specific need and deliver it on time with the right quality and competitive prices.

MOTIVATION- happy and satisfied customers and suppliers
STRENGHT- belief in ones ability, confidence , fair play
ETHOS - quality, perfection , passion